Smart Develops new The Greenery Asparagus Packaging for the German Market

Together with our customers, we gladly develop a total solution that offers an added value to the packaging: a nice design, better quality performance, logistical efficiency. We make sure the total cost of packaging is optimalised. Together with our customer The Greenery, we developed new asparagus packaging. The new asparagus tray 30x40cm comes with an integrated filling, making the presentation of the product more effective.Besides containing the filling, the design was also optimalised. Therefore, the new box in many ways becomes more practical and offers more communicative opportunities.



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Smart Packaging Solutions is a leading European manufacturer of solid board packaging. We operate three high-tech solid board plants with a combined capacity of 150,000 tons.



Solid board has a number of strong qualities. Environmentally friendly and compliant with food safety regulations, this moisture-resistant, stiff, smooth material of limited thickness is the ideal packaging solution for various applications in the most demanding conditions.

Maximum stiffness Maximum stiffness
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly
Perfect food safety Perfect food safety
Exceptional flatness Exceptional flatness
High water-resistance High water-resistance
Limited thickness Limited thickness


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Smart Packaging Solutions is part of VPK Packaging Group, a leading European manufacturer of board packaging and recycled paper.

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