Speedmaster XL 162: powerhouse performance

We welcomed Heidelberg in our Meer plant during the Packaging Tour at the beginning of November. Plant manager Marc Hopstaken elaborated upon the investment. The user-friendliness of the machine is a valuable asset. The machine’s major advantage not only includes speed, but printing quality, supply and stability as well. We print small production runs of 5,000 sheets as well as large volumes of up to 150,000 sheets. We can realise speeds of up to 13,000 sheets per hour with the new Speedmaster, even with 750 up to 900 grams cardboard. We have printed more than 17 million sheets since its installation. 





the benchmark in solid board

Smart Packaging Solutions is a leading European manufacturer of solid board packaging. We operate three high-tech solid board plants with a combined capacity of 150,000 tons.



Solid board has a number of strong qualities. Environmentally friendly and compliant with food safety regulations, this moisture-resistant, stiff, smooth material of limited thickness is the ideal packaging solution for various applications in the most demanding conditions.

Maximum stiffness Maximum stiffness
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly
Perfect food safety Perfect food safety
Exceptional flatness Exceptional flatness
High water-resistance High water-resistance
Limited thickness Limited thickness


within VPK Group

Smart Packaging Solutions is part of VPK Packaging Group, a leading European manufacturer of board packaging and recycled paper.

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