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Happy Orchids will draw admiring glances with striking packaging

12 December 2019
Compared to other agricultural and horticultural products, floricultural products have to rely more on brand recognition. Packaging plays an essential role in this respect. Cymbidium grower Wim Bos agrees with this view. Last summer he launched a new cymbidium brand under the banner of his Special Orchids nursery: Happy Orchids. A cheerful, colourful box that does justice to the brand name was developed in collaboration with Smart Packaging Solutions. Wim: "You only have one chance to make a good first impression and you have to make the most of it."
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Van Onselen and Smart Packaging Solutions, more than 20 successful years in the AGF sector

8 November 2019
The family company Van Onselen Aubergines has been supplying the market with high-quality fresh vegetables for more than 70 years. This greenhouse horticulture company has been specializing in growing aubergines for 30 years. Sustainability and efficiency are paramount. "This is exactly why Smart Packaging Solutions suits us so well," Arjan van Onselen (third generation) stated. "They have been providing us with sustainable quality packaging for more than 20 years, and the flexibility of their logistics is particularly striking."
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Food deserves the best protection

17 October 2019
Yesterday it was World Food Day. On this day, the issue of food security is raised all over the world. Unfortunately, this is still necessary: although we produce more than enough food, more than 800 million people do not have enough to eat. It is all the more distressing to realize that in the Western world a third of all food is not sold, but thrown away. We are convinced that good packaging contributes to less waste. That is why we give fresh products, such as fruit and vegetables, the protection they deserve.
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This is how we ensure sustainability in the packaging chain

14 October 2019
We accept our responsibility throughout the year by being fully committed to the packaging chain becoming more sustainable. Let us explain how.
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Cooreman poultry abattoir achieves success with solid board

12 September 2019
Over the past 30 years, Cooreman has developed from a small-scale family business in Dendermonde into one of the largest poultry abattoirs in Belgium and the Netherlands. The company has been working with Smart Packaging Solutions throughout this period. Andy Cooreman, owner of the family business (third generation): “Despite the systematic growth of both Cooreman and Smart Packaging Solutions, we have remained two families who enjoy working together.”
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