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FruitMasters opts for exclusivity with new 'Prestige' packaging

27 July 2020
FruitMasters is a leading Dutch fruit cooperative with around four hundred affiliated growers of hard and soft fruit. "We are the link between growers and retail," said Jochem Kuipers, NHD Procurement Coordinator. "We take care of everything needed to get the products to the end customer in perfect condition, right up to packaging, so that growers can completely focus on what they are good at - growing the most beautiful products." FruitMasters has established a new collaboration with Smart Packaging Solutions for one of the packagings. Good fruit packaging
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"Quality from product to packaging"

30 June 2020
Crownpol is a chicken portioning and processing company. The company has been based in Namysłow since 2014 and has customers all over Europe. Crownpol has been successful by constantly pursuing the highest possible quality. "We always imagine what it is like to stand in the shoes of our customers, to experience what they are experiencing, and then we adapt our process to serve their wishes."
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Give your products the best possible presentation!

23 June 2020
A good first impression is everything. This also applies to packaging, which serves an important commercial function in addition to its protective function. Good packaging is representative, eye-catching and attractive. Wim Lazeroms, graphic designer at Smart Packaging Solutions: "We have long had the technology and printing techniques to give products such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish the best possible presentation." In-house printing expertise
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Smart Packaging Solutions now also operational in Poland

2 June 2020
Since the 1st of June, packaging producer Smart Packaging Solutions started to supply their packaging from the warehouse of its subsidiary, Aquila in Września. Through this warehouse, the Belgian-Dutch company will be able to respond more flexibly to the packaging needs of its Polish customers.
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We make it safe

28 April 2020
it remains a challenge for many companies in the manufacturing industry to reduce the number of accidents.  "We focus on safety not only today, but all year round," declared Tom de Rybel, our safety officer.
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