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Unique, resealable lid developed for fruit and vegetable packaging

7 February 2019
Smart Packaging Solutions, commissioned by and in cooperation with packaging company Quality Pack, has developed a customer-specific packaging for Pfresh, a wholesaler of fresh fruit and vegetables that exports its products to countries all over the world. The new packaging allows these products to be transported under optimal conditions throughout the supply chain. The packaging also features a unique novelty: a resealable zip/perforated structure with which the lid can be opened and closed. Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic
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Smart Packaging Solutions introduces 'the perfect body'

14 January 2019
In a market that is highly innovative, in which the competition also never takes a break, it is important that not only your products but also your brand keeps up with the times. And furthermore, that it fits with who you are as an organization and what you want to project. The developments that we have set in motion in recent years have required us to recalibrate our corporate identity and come out with a new story.
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Are you ready for a new challenge in 2019?

21 December 2018
There's a whole new year ahead of us, filled with new opportunities and adventures. Have you also included a new job in your list of good intentions? That's very convenient! Why? Because we will also be on the lookout for new colleagues for various functions in 2019!
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Introducing “Die Frischen packaging box”

3 December 2018
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How can I pack sustainably?

16 November 2018
Twenty percent of our daily waste consists of packaging. Half of this comes from companies. This includes boxes required for transportation and storage of foodstuff (source: Milieu Centraal). The production of all that packaging material also consumes raw materials and energy, which has an environmental impact. It is important to pack and transport products in environmentally friendly packaging, in order to minimize their environmental impact. In this article, we explain why solid cardboard is the most suitable material for this purpose. Recyclable packaging
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