Smart Packaging Solutions introduces 'The Perfect Body'

14 January 2019

In a market that is highly innovative, in which the competition also never takes a break, it is important that not only your products but also your brand keeps up with the times. And furthermore, that it fits with who you are as an organization and what you want to project. The developments that we have set in motion in recent years have required us to recalibrate our corporate identity and come out with a new story.

"Or actually: the same story, but fresher, better and more powerful," says Johan de Neef, Business Unit Manager at Smart Packaging Solutions. "Our mission and ideals have remained unchanged, but have been translated more explicitly into a new positioning that fits us better and with which we distinguish ourselves. In recent years, we have invested a lot in our machinery, among other things. As a result, our capacity has expanded considerably and our products are distributed all over the world. This requires a message that matches our growing market, and that can be told through the high-speed online network and the social media of today."

Just as your communication needs to be up-to-date for the market, this should be the same for your staff. Certainly, for a company like Smart Packaging Solutions, which is strongly committed to motivating and retaining its employees. Johan: "We invest a lot in human capital; we put energy into proper support for our employees and ensure sufficient through-flow and training opportunities. That too should be told in a modern, attractive way. After all, nowadays younger people prefer a company in which they can recognize themselves. Ultimately, they will co-write our new story."

The Perfect Body

What is this new story? It’s that of The Perfect Body. A creative translation of what Smart Packaging Solutions delivers to its customers: a perfect protective packaging for fragile products of natural origin, such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and flowers. Johan: "As a leading manufacturer of solid cardboard packaging, we enable these fresh or frozen products to be stored and transported under the best possible conditions. In durable, reliable, innovative customized packaging, which guarantees quality and food safety. In The Perfect Body."

"The Perfect Body clearly demonstrates the value our packaging has for our customers' products. And not only our packaging but also the expertise of our people, the involvement with both our customers as well as theirs, the sustainable way in which we produce them from recycled paper, with the economical use of raw materials and energy. All these values together form the perfect body and are communicated very visually, powerfully and unambiguously, in a way that lasts."

A view on the future

From this new noise, great plans and ambitions can be realized. Johan: "At Smart Packaging Solutions, we want to raise awareness that you need to be the best, strongest, most aesthetic and one hundred percent circular packaging solution. To become the go-to for everyone with a packaging question. Because of the final packaging, but mainly because of the packaging advice and the accurate guidance that goes with it. We want to be not only market leader in volume, but also in knowledge and support, both in the local and global market. Where we realize that a beautiful brand alone cannot accomplish this. Therefore, what we tell with the story of The Perfect Body is inherent in what we deliver. After all, beautiful 'packaging' has no value without good content."