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Introducing “Die Frischen packaging box”

3 December 2018
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How can I pack sustainably?

16 November 2018
Twenty percent of our daily waste consists of packaging. Half of this comes from companies. This includes boxes required for transportation and storage of foodstuff (source: Milieu Centraal). The production of all that packaging material also consumes raw materials and energy, which has an environmental impact. It is important to pack and transport products in environmentally friendly packaging, in order to minimize their environmental impact. In this article, we explain why solid cardboard is the most suitable material for this purpose. Recyclable packaging
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What requirements must food packaging comply with?

9 November 2018
There are very strict laws and regulations in place governing hygiene and food safety that set high standards for the packaging of foodstuff. It is therefore essential within the food industry to choose packaging that meets these requirements. Which material would provide optimal protection for foodstuff such as meat, fish and fruit, while also ensuring that these products can be safely transported from A to B? In this article, we explain why solid cardboard is the best option. Food transport packaging requirements
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State of the art Folder Gluer now in operation

12 October 2018
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1 October 2018
On Monday, September 24, with the Smart plant in Loenen, we became successfully integrated into the VPK Group's SAP system. Well done to all staff in Loenen for the structural and professional approach as well as the great dedication. Thanks and well done!!
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