Qualities of solid board packaging

Smart Packaging Solutions’ solid board has a number of unique qualities that guarantee high-quality packaging. The ideal protection for your valuable products.


Maximum stiffnessMaximum stiffness

The high density of solid board ensures that packaging is exceptionally rigid, providing optimal protection for the products. Despite this solid structure, the material is flexible enough to be customized to meet your personal needs.

Environmentally friendlyEnvironmentally friendly

Solid board packaging is 100% recyclable. These thoroughly sustainable products can also be composted like other organic materials. We take our ecological responsibilities very seriously, for the future of our planet.

Perfect food safetyPerfect food safety

All solid board packaging is manufactured in compliance with all applicable food safety and hygiene rules and regulations. The two production plants in Belgium are BRC–IoP (Brand Reputation through Compliance – Institute of Packaging), category B-certified.

Exceptional flatnessExceptional flatness

The smooth surface of solid board can be flexo and offset printed. That means you can creatively personalize your packaging. Folding and cutting lines can also be added easily, enabling the most varied designs.

High water-resistanceHigh water-resistance

Its excellent water-resistance makes solid board very well suited to goods storage and transport in cold stores and freezers. The board retains its structure in contact with liquid without becoming soft, guaranteeing full protection and quality.

Limited thicknessLimited thickness

Advanced production techniques enable us to limit the thickness of our solid board. That ensures a cost-effective logistical process with straightforward processing, storage and distribution. Due to the limited thickness the material is also very flexible, which increases the opportunity for personalized designs.